Refinancing Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Home

Looking for a lower interest rate, shorter term or cash out to improve your house or make investments? A St Casimir's refinance may be just the thing!

In addition to a variety of refinance programs, St Casimir's offers a wide choice of rates and terms. You may be eligible for many of our programs. Refinancing a mortgage is another way of saving you money!

Whether you are refinancing to pay off another mortgage(s), to obtain cash from your home for investing or even for home improvements, to consolidate debts we have a wide variety of loan programs to meet your needs. You may receive your application by email - just give me a call - I will forward an application package by email or snail mail, which will meet St Casimirs application process. A representative of St. Casimirs will call and answer questions at your convenience.

Let St Casimir's assist you with:

  • Finding the right program to meet your needs
  • Lower Rates and costs for closing
  • Please call us at 410-342-1404 for an application

Consultants from St. Casimirs mortgage team have combined experience of 55+ years. Plus St. Casimir's has been serving the community since 1911. Call us today at 410-342-1404

At St Casimir's we realize that many mortgage lenders are out there competing for your business, so we make it a point to offer personal, customized advice to each of our potential clients. We realize not all homeowners will benefit from all programs. If you are not sure a refinance loan is right for you, give us a call at 410-342-1404 or make an appointment to meet us in person at one of our 4 local branches!