Our Team

Ronald D. Jasion – President:

I take great pride that our customers have permitted St. Casimir’s Savings Bank to serve the East Baltimore community since 1911. I think it speaks volumes that many of our customers are third- and fourth-generation savers and borrowers. The management and directors have a simple philosophy: “Offer fair and competitive rates on savings, certificates, and loans while maintaining a safe, sound bank.”

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Nelson H. Bayne – Mortgage Officer/CRA:

I joined St. Casimir’s sixteen years ago after meeting with Senior Management and finding them to be a unique group of professionals. The management team and Board of Directors demand that St. Casimir’s Bank staff observes the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." As a 37-year mortgage professional, I have constantly battled the "predatory lender." St. Casimir’s offers fair, competitive mortgage products and will not tolerate higher costs, prepayment penalties, "exotic mortgage programs," and unfair adjustable loan programs.

With the tools that St. Casimir’s provides, our customers will receive competitive mortgage products to help them meet their financial needs—“helping one family at a time"

Norma Kash - Manager - Main Office - Foster Branch:

I have been associated with St. Casimirs Savings Bank for 26 years. I have watched the neighborhood change and our customer family grow and change. I would like to thank each one of our customers for their loyalty and being apart of the St. Casimirs family.

Stacy Seal – Manager – North Point Branch:

I believe that St. Casimir’s Savings Bank enjoys a very strong heritage. We’ve been in business for over 100 years, and yet we still strive every day to build an even stronger bank on our rich foundation. We have dedicated employees who strive to earn our customers’ loyalty by providing the best service possible. We invest in our people, ensuring that they are friendly, knowledgeable and courteous.

I truly believe our commitment and dedication is what makes St. Casimir’s Bank stand out among the best in Maryland, and working with St. Casimir's for over 18 years,  I believe I add to that professional service. Our service is why our customers and their families remain with us, generation after generation.

Karen Karloff – Manager – Eastern Avenue:

I have worked at St. Casimir’s Eastern Avenue office for 35 years. I feel quite confident in saying that our customers enjoy the personal touch we offer them. Our staff is very dedicated to meeting their needs. I think we have so many loyal customers because they are satisfied customers. We are as dedicated to them as they are to us.

AMBER CROWLEY – Asst. Manager – Erdman Shopping Center:

In this impersonal era of high-tech, faceless ways of conducting business, our customers still seem to prefer St. Casimir’s “small town,” hands-on service, rather than a computerized voice on the other end of a phone. We take pride in providing a more personalized service for our customers. I bring 10 years of service to my position.

John Sabol – Chief Financial Officer

I believe our customers should be treated the way I expect to be treated as a customer of a bank or any other business. What I mean by that is –as a member of the St. Casimir’s Savings bank team-- I strive to treat our customers courteously, all the while remaining sensitive to their individual needs, and providing them with top-notch professional service.