Buying A Home

An American Dream is to be a homeowner!

We can help you obtain your dream at 410-342-1404

In addition to the satisfaction of having your own place in the world without having a landlord, you can build equity in the largest investment of your life and enjoy tax deductions.
Whether you are a first-time home buyer or are purchasing for the second or third time, we have a wide variety of loan programs to meet your financing needs. You may download the application package or meet with a St. Casimir's representative at your convenience.

Let St. Casimir's assist you with:

  • Finding the right program to meet your needs
  • Lower Rates and costs for closing
  • Please call us at 410-342-1404 for an application – St. Casimir's mortgage team have combined experience of 55+years. Plus St. Casimir's has been serving the community since 1911.
  • Call us today at 410-342-1404

Negotiation is critical in helping you close your contract. When you're pre-qualified your Realtor and seller are sure of your intent. Even if you have not found a property – counseling could save you thousands of dollars.

First time home buyers beware: Some programs require that you are counseled before you enter into a contract of sale for a real piece of property. Your St. Casimirs representative can qualify you quickly and confidentially over the phone in a few minutes. Make an appointment to meet us in person at one of our 4 local branches, or call us at 410-342-1404!