ATM - Check Card Banking

The St. Casimirs Savings Bank Mastercard Debit Card – the card that works like a check. This versatile Debit Card is not a credit card – it's can act as your electronic checkbook. Use the Check Card like you would a check anywhere Mastercard Debit Card is accepted, or get cash at any of over 400,000 ATMs worldwide.

St. Casimirs Savings Bank's Mastercard Debit Card is available for consumers.

  • For Shopping
    • Use your Mastercard Debit Card to pay quickly and conveniently at your favorite retailers. (Purchases are deducted from your checking account – it is cash, not credit!)
  • For The Car
    • No matter where you drive, around town or on vacation, you'll never be caught unprepared when you have your Check Card. (Use it anywhere Mastercard Debit Card is accepted.)
  • For Groceries
    • You'll save time at the check-out lane (at selected area grocers) when you use your Check Card in place of writing a check. (No need to carry a lot of cash or a checkbook.)
  • For Dining Out
    • Instead of picking up the check with a check, simply present your Check Card and sign your name. (No need for multiple forms of ID.)
  • For everything you do, every day around town or around the world, your Check Card is accepted at more than 11 million Mastercard Debit Card merchants. (Each purchase is listed on your monthly statement.)

Stop in at your local St. Casimirs Savings Bank for more information or to apply for a Check Card today!

For Lost or Stolen Debit Cards:

Call toll free 1-800-554-8969